UAV (Drone) Filming Melbourne- 4k

We are one of Australia’s leading drone operators. Our video work is regularly seen on television screens across Australia and on the web. We’re highly adept and experienced not only in flying drones but understanding the key principles of filming to ensure we get hero footage for our clients every time. We’re happy to work autonomously, to a brief or under direction from your DOP.   Our clients are leading production companies, television studios and networks, advertising agencies and property developers.

We have a comprehensive range of professional camera, lens and drone systems. At the higher end of the scale we shoot with Red Epic production camera systems on heavy lift 8 motor super drones. Our professional range of camera systems includes options for mounting anything from Canon’s flagship 5D Mark III, DJI X5 Raw or as simple as a Gopro depending on the requirement of your project.

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Drone Photography Melbourne

As well offering outstanding aerial cinematography from our drones we also offer UAV aerial photography (Drone).  We do work with most Melbourne’s based large high end advertising agencies, leading property developers, government and tourism bodies, architects, builders, 3d render artists, residential and commercial real estate agents amongst others.

We understand the best times of day and lighting to conditions to capture what the quality that our clients demand.  After the onsite capture of raw images, our retouching department give images the final retouching treatment that means our images stand out from the crowd.

We are able to provide final product services such 360 degree interactive tours, detailed image overlays/markups, object removal such as cranes.

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