Leading aerial solutions for the property sector

We are one of Australia’s most accomplished aerial photography studios specialising in providing services to the property sector.  We were the first photography studio to offer drone photography and we continue to innovate and lead in this field. We offer complete aerial photography solutions from the use of drones, light aircraft, helicopters and elevated poles. All of our photography and video is produced in house from start to finish.

Drone Property Videos

We are highly accomplished and experienced at filming both residential and commercial property videos and have a enviable portfolio of videos and clients to back it up.  Our highlight was having one of our productions being the most viewed property video on realestate.com.au for 2015.

Being a full service studio not only do we have expert drone pilots, but our team also comprises professional photographers, videographers, retouchers and video editors.  This shows through in our end product, with our angles, lighting and creativity separating us from the pack.  We also offer animation and custom branding into our videos.

We understand the fast paced environment of real estate and property marketing therefore our videos are made ready in 24 hours.

Drone Property Photography

We have a proven track record in creating outstanding results for Australia’s premium real estate brands, advertising agencies and property developers.

Commercial Property

Drone photography is just about a must for most commercial real estate agencies.  It’s great to show property size and infrastructure, including roads, transport, location and development potential.

Why use Impress for your next commercial property drone shoot?

  • We know the best lighting and time of day to shoot
  • We understand how to showcase the property in context with infrastructure and the CBD
  • Our retouchers make the final image look amazing, even when the weather is not on our side!

Residential Property

Drone aerial photography is great to show land size, landscaping, proximity to shops, schools, transport, water and the CBD.  It’s also a great way to outline a site’s development potential. Our post production team are adept at marking up aerial images to your brand’s requirement with landbox overlays and points of interest to showcase the property’s potential.

Helicopter Aerial Photography

We have been photographing from helicopters before drones were commercially available, they still can achieve a lot for property photography that drones cannot.

We would recommend using a helicopter in the following circumstances;

  • You want to make your property look very very close to the CBD or another point of interest
  • The property you want to photograph is hundreds of acres
  • You want to show a property in context with vast areas of local points of interest and infrastucture
  • In areas such as the central CBD where it maybe unsafe or illegal to fly a drone
Helicopter property photography real estate

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