Our Story

Impress Air is well established Aerial Photography photographic studio.  Well before drones were commercially available we photographed and filmed aerial photography from helicopters, cranes and rooftops.

We were one of the first photographic studios to Australia wide to take on drone aerial photography and we continue to lead the way through and unwavering passion for great aerial photography.   We continue to research and develop the technology that we use forefront of the industry and to provide our clients with what is ultimately the best image and video quality they can get.

Providing drone and helicopter filming and photography, we service a diverse and extensive variety of clients including those in the field of video production, film and television production, television commercials, and documentary production. We also work with a number of companies specialising in surveying, aerial inspection, and real estate.

What also makes us stand out from the crowd is our involvement in all facets of photography and video from pre to post production. While offering both aerial still photography and video, we also do all our own retouching and editing, and have the ability to combine all of this with on-the-ground video to give you the complete package. We are also the industry leader in photographing ‘View Lines’ for new developments.

Furthermore, we offer speedy turnaround times, full product back-ups, proven internal systems, and highly-experienced drone pilots who can expertly operate any technology from 4K miniature cameras, 4K production cameras, and 6K cameras with Cineflex Giro stabilized mount systems for helicopter aerial cinematographic photography.

When choosing Impress Air for your aerial photography needs, you a choosing a company with people that care and are passionate about delivering best finished photography and video on that market.  A company with proven reliable systems, a untarnished safety record, and a company that understands the commercial nature of quality photography in fast paced industries that require a consistently great product delivered to tight deadlines.


  • Drone photography and filming – 4k

  • Helicopter Filming – up to 6k

  • Elevated Pole Photography and filming

  • Aerial serveying

  • Asset inspection