Helicopter Filming Melbourne and Australia Wide

We are one of very few studios to offer this very specialised service using state of the art gyro stabalised Ciniflex systems in combination with 6k Red Cameras. Helicopter cinematography is the ultimate way to capture video from the air, particularly if you are trying to show vast spaces or zoom in on smaller objects to show detail from kilometers away. We are called upon by Australia’s leading advertising agencies and film studios to produce the ultimate quality in aerial filming.

We also offer filming from drones with CASA approval to learn more simply click here

Aerial Helicopter Photography Melbourne

We offer high quality aerial photography from helicopters and light aircraft Australia wide. Photographed with HD SLR cameras and professional lenses, or for very high end images we offer the use of medium format camera systems. We understand the best times of day to shoot your project and the best weather conditions for ultimate clarity in images.

All of our still image photography is finished by our in-house team of professional photographic retouchers.