We have drones that range 2 – 20 kgs.

Under normal circumstances, drones can not fly within 3NM of a towered aerodrome. Special permissions are required to fly closer.

We have link to the drone with updated telemetry fed to screen on the ground.

We have a variety of cameras we can carry. From professional DSLRs to 4K cinema cameras. Our lens choice is also flexible.

We can fly up to 400 feet above ground level.

Most of our drones fly up to around 10-15 minutes.

Yes we have public liability insurance up 20 Million dollars.

We take both still and moving images in a variety of formats.

To fly drones professionally in Australia you or your company must hold an Operator’s Certification. All pilots that fly under your OC must have a controller’s certificate.

We are very serious about all aspects of privacy when it comes to using our UAV’s for all forms of aerial photography. It is part of our policy to ensure any sites we operate at are sign posted to ensure any member of the public know what we are doing and we endeavour to keep impact on neighbouring properties to an absolute minimum.

We photograph for leading real estate agents, property developers, architects, advertising agencies, television producers, golf courses, mining and tourism sectors, and other commercial entities. This involves a range of locations all over the country.

You will receive proof photos the day after your shoot to select from, final images are usually with 24 hours after selections. A express service is available. Most of our videos are produced with 72 hours of the shoot.

We prefer not to. However if you have urgent deadlines we will operate where it is safe to do so. Note; Our drones cannot operate in rain or high winds.

Anywhere from ground level to 10,000 feet. Our drones operate from ground level up to 400ft.

We photograph from helicopters, light aircraft, drones, and elevated poles. We are happy to advise you as to which platform will work to give you the optimum result for your photo shoot.

Because we are photographers, not just people flying in helicopters or controlling a drone. In addition to this we have a fully dedicated team of professional photographic retouchers, which most other aerial photographers do not have. We do not compromise on the quality of our cameras, lenses, retouchers and photographers.

Depending of the size of your home it will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour.