Aerial photography for Real Estate used to be reserved for the very top end markets using costly helicopters or light airplanes. In the past 4 years with the introduction of UAV’s OR Drones this has all changed. Aerial imagery of properties has become a must have for online content when selling. Not all properties can be sufficiently photographed from the ground, especially if the property or land is surrounded by trees or nestled on the top of a hill. The UAV systems have unrestricted access when photographing property and can easily obtain aerial images from all sides, at any height, and from directly above. Check out some of our Aerial Real Estate examples below and see why this amazing new technology is irresistible to the property sector.

Here we have short listed 4 examples of typical shots that can be affordably achieved by using drone photography.
Bomb Shot: As the name implies, a bomb shot shows the property directly overhead. Great for showing property boundaries and relationship to other surrounding points of interest.
Orbital Shot: Taken up close to the property typically replacing the ‘pole’ shot. These shots are great for showing a properties better side. Often shot without any reference to the horizon.
Perspective Shot: Taken at a distance to the property, these shots are perfect for showing points of interest either in the foreground or background. If a property backs onto the beach you want to show that. The best way to do it is to use a perspective shot.
Landbox Shot: Overlaying a landbox is great for clearly idetifying the blocks boundries, size and dimensions.

Short Video: Whilst the above photographs illustrate the power of aerial photography using UAV’s, there is one other service to really drive interest around a new listing. We have mastered the affordable / mid tier & top end aerial real estate videos to really inspire property interest.