Drones set for commercial take-off

Under a new weight class system, prospective drone entrepreneurs with craft weighing 2 kilograms or less could take off after completing nothing more than an online application form. CASA officials say they want to encourage use of this emerging technology, but the drone plan will be forced to dodge flak from opponents who have raised serious concerns over safety and privacy. Read full article here:

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Drones a headache for authorities

Sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones or UAS are moving from the battlefield into civilian life and Australia is leading the charge. The civilian drone revolution in Australia has sparked calls from the Privacy Commissioner for a public debate about the “intrusive” technology as police investigate the potential of drones for crime fighting. Fairfax reported that air safety regulator CASA was struggling to get to grips with uncertified drone operators breaching safety regulations and causing incidents at Australian airports. Read on here

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Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Aerial photography for Real Estate used to be reserved for the very top end markets using costly helicopters or light airplanes. In the past 4 years with the introduction of UAV’s OR Drones this has all changed. Aerial imagery of properties has become a must have for online content when selling. Not all properties can be sufficiently photographed from the ground, especially if the property or land is surrounded by trees or nestled on the top of a hill. The UAV systems have unrestricted access when photographing property and can easily obtain aerial images from all sides, at any height, and from directly above. Check out some of our Aerial Real Estate examples below and see why this amazing new technology is irresistible to the property sector. Here we have short listed 4 examples of typical shots that can be affordably achieved by using drone photography. Bomb Shot: As the name implies, a bomb shot shows the property directly overhead. Great for showing property boundaries and relationship to other surrounding points of interest. Orbital Shot: Taken up close to the property typically replacing the ‘pole’ shot. These shots are great for showing a properties better side. Often shot without any reference to [...]

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Behind the scenes video production at the Shrine

Last week we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity of filming one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks The Shrine of Remembrance. Below is a video including some behind the scenes footage from the day. Enjoy.

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The Block Glasshouse – Dee & Darren’s apartment

Earlier this month Impress Photography and Impress Air had the opportunity to photograph and video Dee and Darren’s apartment from the Block, Glasshouse series. See how we have incorporated the drone to showcase the apartments location and view.

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Ballarat Regional Tourism Video – Mass Motion

Recently we worked with our friends at Mass Motion to produce some great footage from our drones of Ballarat for Regional Tourism Video. Have a birds eye look at Ballarat – Over 65,000 views so far, enjoy.

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Shadow Trees public art installation – Melbourne, Docklands

Sally Smart’s Shadow Trees are now installed  at the new Buluk Park and library at the junction of Bourke and Collins street, Victoria Harbour in Docklands, Melbourne. Impress Air were assigned the interesting task of filming the instalment  at night. Filming at night helped to showcase the amazing lighting display by Ramus Illumination which illuminated individual segments of the design in an animated way, making for some very interesting compositions. The UAV was perfect here for moving around the instalment to reveal all of the different viewing angles and of course showing the instalment in context to its surrounds, something that would not be possible filming from just the ground. Check out some behind the scenes images below. For more information on Mrs Smart’s Shadow Tree’s and her other work please visit Sally Smart Art.

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Growing number of Melbourne real estate agents use drones to market properties

Aerial photography and videos can sell a lifestyle that standard pictures can’t. Cliche descriptions of homes with “stunning views” and “a stone’s throw away” to parkland no longer suffice in a competitive market where agents are using drones to take their marketing to new heights. Drones or “remotely piloted aircraft” can capture views that were only possible from helicopters just a few years ago, and are increasingly used to illustrate potential views from apartments not yet built. “To get penthouse-level views…we can set the drone to tell us when it gets to exactly 90 metres and then get the shots in the directions that are required,” said Tim Shaw, owner of aerial photography business Impress Air. Mr Shaw’s clients include developers, advertising agencies and increasingly real estate agents, who fly drones that cost about $14,000 over homes for marketing campaigns. He said the technology had become more automated over the past 12 months, but commercial operators would need a Civil Aviation Safety Authority licence to fly one. “They are about eight kilograms of weight in the sky so it can do serious damage to people and property,” he said. In November, privacy concerns were reignited when a Mount Martha woman was accidentally [...]

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CASA certification milestone

CASA to certify its 150th drone operator this month Brisbane: A major milestone is about to be recorded by the Australian unmanned aircraft industry with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to certify its 150th certified unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operator this month.This milestone represents a 50% increase in the number of CASA certified UAS operators since May this year. If the current pace is sustained, the number of certified operators is now likely to pass 200 by as soon as March 2015. This surge in certification “represents the true coming of age of the commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) sector in this country” says Joe Urli, President of the Australian Certified UAV Operators Association. “It is now reasonable to talk of a national operator base in the order of 400-500 separate commercial entities within short years, with this reaching into virtually all segments of Australia’s dominant industry sectors. The impacts will be felt from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) through to small communities in regional Australia, and small and micro businesses are at its forefront. “The industry is growing at an exceptional rate, and is doing so on a trajectory completely separate to the traditional patterns seen in the Australian national [...]

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