Melbourne’s leading drone and helicopter aerial photography.

Impress Air is a Melbourne based aerial photography studio. Our reputation within the advertising, television and property sectors is synonymous for creating the finest quality aerial photography and video.   We hold a CASA UAV (Drone) Operators Certificate and were one of the first photographic studios in Melbourne to to obtain this licensing with CASA.   We have an unparalleled passion for creating beautiful dynamic imagery and footage from our drones, and developing our systems and processes as technology advances.

We offer a vast range of solutions to aerial photography and video, from drones, elevated poles, blimps to helicopters and light aircraft.  Most commonly we are either photographing from drones and helicopters using the best available photographic equipment and lenses.  Where we differ from a lot of other drone and aerial photography operators is that we are photographers with an inherent understanding and passion for what it takes to create a great photographic image or piece of footage from both the air and the ground.  We are one of very few companies to offer aerial filming from helicopters using Ciniflex gyro stabilized camera mount systems, in conjunction with Red Epic Cameras to produce cinema quality 4K footage.   We also have a range of option available from our drones to produce footage in 4K and still images in high quality; upwards of 50 megapixels.

Our work ranges from video and photography projects for advertising agencies, property photography for commercial and residential real estate agencies, film work for television producers and production companies as well as asset inspection and surveying work.

When choosing Impress Air for your aerial photography needs, you a choosing a company with people that care and are passionate about delivering best finished photography and video on the market. A company with proven reliable systems, a untarnished safety record, and a company that understands the commercial nature of quality photography in fast paced industries that require a consistently great product delivered to tight deadlines.

Should you be seeking an end to end solution for your project, we offer expert professional photography retouching and video editing services in-house.   Additionally, we offer services such as animation, 360 degree panoramic retouching, and virtual reality interactive tours.